Whatever the reason, many people have received a tattoo they regret. With one in five adults in the UK having gone under the needle, it’s inevitable that some are far more cherished than others. Whether you knew it was a mistake from the very first day, or you’ve grown to hate your inking, the good news is tattoos no longer have to be for life. We’ve put together our top reasons people decide to remove tattoos, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

It’s not a good tattoo

One of the main reasons people seek to remove tattoos is that it just isn’t up to scratch. Whether by fault of the artist, or a design flaw, sometimes the image you have in your mind doesn’t quite translate onto skin, resulting in a less-than appealing tattoo. Also, the skill and talent in tattooing has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and older work might simply not look good enough! Rather than live with an embarrassing or displeasing design, laser tattoo removal offers a second chance to the recipients of bad tattoos.

It’s faded

As tattoos age, they lose their colour and vibrancy. What’s more, the canvas is a living, breathing organ, and as your skin ages, it loses elasticity, which can result in making the tattoo look misshapen and odd. If nothing can be done to make it look as good as new, many people turn to removal instead.

It’s a mistake

Tattoos are deeply personal, but who you are is also subject to change as we move through life. The relationship you decided to commemorate that ended in tears; the tribute to favourite film or band you’ve grown out of, or a trend that has long since gone out of fashion; there are plenty of reasons a tattoo that may have been perfect for the person you were at the time, but now you’ve moved on, has lost its appeal. Whether an impulsive decision or one you thought of for months, having a permanent reminder of things you’d rather forget can be a nuisance, resulting in a desire to remove the offending ink.

It’s unprofessional

Certain job roles enforce strict tattoo rules, and for those with tattoos in obvious places, such as the hands or arms, this can have a detrimental effect on your career. Removal can be the only option to ensure success and progression in a professional environment.

It damages body image

If you find your tattoo embarrassing or are self-conscious over it, it’s likely that it’ll affect your overall body image and the way that you feel about yourself, especially if it’s particularly prominent or in an area that is difficult to cover, or you feel a sense of stigma from others. Removal can be the best way to combat this and learn to love your skin again.

Fade Lasers

Whatever the reason you have for removing a tattoo, at Fade Lasers in Dunbar, East Lothian, Tamany and the rest of the team understand that it is as deeply personal to you. There are no right or wrong explanations!

What is important is that you choose an experienced clinic to get the best possible results, and results are definitely what we can provide here with the PicoSure! As opposed to traditional laser tattoo removal, PicoSure requires much fewer sessions in order to achieve a more complete removal in comparison to the usual 10–20 sessions that other lasers require. Find out more about our six treatment guarantee with the PicoSure laser, or enquire about tattoo removal at Fade Lasers here.