1. Is it painful?
2. Can you remove all colours?
3. How long between treatments?
4. Will I blister?
5. Is the hair removal successful on all hair colours?
6. Why are some tattoos easier to remove than others?

Is it painful?

Very few of our laser procedures are pain free. However, and depending on each individual client’s tolerances, we do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Treatment times are very fast with most procedures taking only a matter of minutes - and we always go at the client’s pace. We also have an advanced cooling system which works alongside the lasers, cooling the skin with powerful jets of ice cold air thus increasing clients comfort and tolerance throughout. This also reduces any healing times that may be incurred by certain treatments.

Can you remove all colours?

Yes we can. Our PicoSure laser is capable of removing all colours including notoriously difficult greens and blues. We have in fact become a popular choice to those who have had previous treatments elsewhere but haven’t achieved acceptable results from a standard laser. The PicoSure's capabilities mean that all colours can be tackled effortlessly and all within our six session guarantee.

How long between treatments?

For tattoo removal we work very differently to most clinics. Our PicoSure Laser breaks down up to four times more ink than standard lasers so your body requires more time to clear this ink before repeating the treatment. Having treatments too close together is nothing more than a waste of your money as we would be repeating the same treatment twice. For this reason, clients are advised to wait a minimum of 10 weeks between sessions. This, in our experience gives the best results. It also means that you can spread the cost, giving you the most advanced treatment available without it costing you any more than regular treatments elsewhere.

Will I blister?

Blisters are extremely common after tattoo removal and are generally to be expected.
Standard lasers use heat to break down ink particles which in turn leads to issues of tissue damage, long healing times and increased risk of scaring.
Our PicoSure uses a soundwave to break down the ink. There is no heat involved. Treatments are safer and less traumatic to the area affected. However, the increased levels of energy passing through the upper layers of skin can cause what is nothing more than a superficial friction burn. These, on average, last around five days and heal beautifully leaving absolutely no trace. Your aftercare is a huge part of our service and although you will be given thorough instructions on how to care for your tattoo, you may also contact us at any time if you have any concerns regarding your healing process. It is so important to us that your experience is as stress free and as straightforward as possible.

Is hair removal successful on all hair colours?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair. This pigment is used to carry the energy from the laser to the root of the hair which then kills the blood supply feeding that hair. That hair is then dead.
For this reason, pigment within a hair is crucial to a positive result. Laser hair removal does not work at all on white, grey or very blonde hair. It also does not respond to red pigments.
Many people have a mixture of hair colours, especially on their face and it is often worth removing the darker, more noticeable hairs to increase self-confidence. Please, if you are unsure or just want advice, make an appointment with us for a free consultation where you will be assessed and advised appropriately. If we can't treat you then we can only apologise. You would certainly never be wasting our time.

Why are some tattoos easier to remove than others?

There are numerous factors effecting results of tattoo removal and if you have been researching the process you will have discovered a whole host of information.

In our experience, we have found many key factors on information websites to be absolute nonsense. No two tattoos are the same and what can look like a straight forward case can sometimes cause some difficultly, whereas someone with the worst possible factors can be lucky and have incredible results after one or two sessions. This is rare but it is for this reason that clients are never given a timescale on how long their tattoo will take to remove.

We have what we believe to be the best available technology in the world for tattoo removal but the laser treatment is only a small part of the process. We have no idea of the content of the ink in your tattoo. Some modern inks contain metal elements to make them appear more vibrant. This reflects the light from the laser making removal extremely difficult. Similarly, clients who had their tattoo carried out abroad where there are no regulations, are advised that they may require more sessions that the average six.

Your immune system also plays a vital role in the process as you remove the ink particles through your lymphatic system. The healthier you are the better results you will have. Medications, diet, and lifestyle - all play their part and whilst we can advise you, we cannot enforce how you live your life after treatment. We want you to achieve the fastest results available. It is everyone's aim. We will therefore give you every piece of available and current advice in order for you to gain that.

What we have found is that homemade 'back of the classroom' tattoos are the easiest to remove. These are the kind done with a needle and thread and are superficial, sitting just beneath the surface of the skin. They tend to disappear in just one treatment.

With professional tattoos, we find that location plays the biggest role in the speed of fading. Generally, the closer the tattoo is to the heart, the better result you will have. This is due to the amount of blood that passes your tattoo and the scavenger cells in your blood that eat up all the ink we have broken down.

Some colours can take longer to remove too, such as yellow and orange but they do lighten well and as surrounding colours fade they become far less noticeable.

We are more than happy to discuss any individual tattoo if you are considering removal and can advise either at consultation or alternatively we can happily offer general information if you forward us a photograph of your tattoo.

    5 star review  Can't recommend Tamany and the Fade Clinic enough. I was nervous as I had never had laser treatment before but Tamany really knows her stuff and is so friendly she will put you at ease straight away. I developed spider nevi during my pregnancy that made me really self conscious. After just one treatment with Tamany they have faded dramatically. Thank you so much.

    thumb Evie Tait

    5 star review  I was in yesterday for the skin rejuvenation treatment. I would recommend this to everyone.

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    5 star review  I have had laser treatment for underarms and also skin rejuvenation for melasma,yes am a stalker lol .tamany will put you completely at ease and will explain everything to you step by step. i love both treatments, hair laser is quick and after one session Ive not needed to shave at all and its been about 6/8 weeks now,but for me my biggest love has to be the skin rejuvenation.tamany understood my upset at having this terrible skin condition and promised she could help me,and boy has she done that! my skin is 100 no1000 times better,i don't use a concealer any more as my skin is more of a one tone, and now i go just to keep my skin under control and of course to see tamany and drink her coffee 😉

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